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About us

My name is Kaine Tracey I am doing my last year of my 3 year music tech course. I am the founder of Beat Bass Productions, which started in 2017 the reason for starting  up my own company is because the passion I have for music, I always say to myself  “ music is my passion, passion is my music”.

 Beat Bass Productions is a R&B/Hip Hop production company but open to all genres. I am looking for new upcoming artist to be a part of my company to promote  and get your music heard, that includes promoting  you as an artist and your music on the website and on our social media pages. Also I will get your music heard on all the platforms  I tunes, Apple Music, Spotify, deezer and more. My goals  is to  help you get your dream of being an artist and working in the music industry. I am able to get your music recorded in music studios and help you get gigs.

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                                                                                                                                                Owner:Kaine Tracey